Welcome to my SharePoint 2013 Blog.  I have been working on SharePoint since 2005 and have been a SharePoint Consultant since 2009.  I have a MS in Computer Science, am a SharePoint 2010 MCITP/MCPD, a SharePoint 2013 MCSE and a Office365 MCSA.

I have been anxiously awaiting the oppurtunity to get my hands on SharePoint 2013, and now that I have I plan on sharing what I learn with the SharePoint Community.  I welcome all comments, suggestions etc.  I will be adding/updating posts often, so make sure to check back on a regular basis.

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2 Responses to About

  1. athma says:

    Hi Friends

    My development Completed in development servers now i want move all backup to production environment, what is that best practice for deployment to production

    My Servers architecture




    2APP, 2WFE, 2SQL on cluster always on high availability

    I tried below solution

    Created New Web application in Production, Dismount-SPContentDatabase after that I took content Database back up from development and restored on newly created database after that executed Mount-SPContentDatabase

    When I am restoring also error database is in use still .why I already dismounted?
    Resolutions Tried: Restarted SQL services and take DB in to offline and bring back online it worked fine (is it correct way I am doing)

    2. When I executed mount-SPContentDatabase in SharePoint servers, SharePoint Configuration database went to read only mode, when I open Central admin error message Configuration database in read only mode

    Resolutions Tried: I shutting down secondary database server and started again it worked fine (is it correct way I am doing)

    Note: After some time same steps I executed working fine database restored and site up and running

    Please correct me any one. This steps I am doing correct or any best practice to follow moving development to live production environment, share any Microsoft suggested links please

    I need clear steps with out any errors in Live .

    • tbithell says:

      I didn’t use PowerShell to remove the content db, I used the UI. Did you verify in central admin that it was no longer associated with the web app? I recommend following the steps listed in my blog post https://sharepointv15.wordpress.com/2013/03/21/moving-content-between-environments/ and verifying along the way that the database is no longer attached etc. I have no idea why anything would happen to your config database while going through this process, so I can only direct you to check the logs to see if they give you any clues as to why that happened.

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