New Office 365 Look and feel – Logo Issue fix

You may have noticed this morning that the Office 365 Look and feel has changed.  They have moved all of the nav items for OneDrive, Yammer etc into a box that is in the upper left hand corner of the screen.  You may have also noticed that it pushed your custom logo over to the middle of the page, like it did ours below.


If this happened to you, click on the box in the upper left hand corner and click Admin.  Note: you must be an admin to be able to see that Admin app, so pass this onto someone that is if you are not.


From here click on your company name under the settings gear and your image.


This will bring you to a screen that shows you your company profile.  From here click Custom theming.


Under custom logo click remove.  After a few minutes the logo will disappear.  I have to think that MSO will be fixing this soon, but for now this is a way to remove the logo.



About tbithell
I am the Chief Technical Architect of Portals at B2B Technologies, LLC in Atlanta GA. I first started working on SharePoint in 2005, and have built SharePoint portals and developed custom solutions for a wide variety of users. I have a MS in Computer Science and am a SharePoint 2010 MCITP and MCPD. I am very excited about the new version, and will be blogging about it on a regular basis as I explore the newly released Preview and future releases.

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