SharePoint 2013 Word Document Information Panel Issue

I was working on a SharePoint 2013 document library for a client, and had an interesting issue come out of user acceptance testing. The library has several custom content types in addition to a customized document content type. The document content type is the default, but when a user is in the library and they try to create a new document the document information panel displays properties for a different content type.

So the user click Document from the list below


They are expecting to see something like this in the Document Information Panel

But instead see this

I did a bunch of digging starting with the document information panel settings in the content types in this library, but no combination of settings resulted in the expected behavior. Then, because of a blog post I found, I started looking at the document template in that library and I stumbled across the answer.

I clicked the library tab in the ribbon…

And clicked on the library settings button…

I scrolled down to content types and clicked on Document

From the settings page I clicked on advanced settings

And I clicked edit template

When Word came up I got the following error and clicked the edit properties button

I clicked on the drop down in the Document Information Panel and selected advanced properties
From here I clicked on the custom tag, selected content type and noticed I had the wrong content type ID in this field
I sorted that out by going to a different library that didn’t have this issue and comparing the IDs, to do that you would just follow these same steps and the copy the ID to a notepad for comparison.

Next I saved the template from the library that does not have the issue. Note this is a .dotx file. If this was all I needed and my document content type in this library hadn’t been slightly customized I’d just go to the library and upload the new template over the old document template, but since mine is customized I have a couple more steps.

I have to go to library settings, scroll down to the content types and click on document. Next I have to hover over the Document Information Panel settings links, right click, select copy short cut and paste that to my note pad.

From here I copy the content type ID and paste it into my custom properties content type id field above and save the document again. Now I’m going to upload the template to the problem library.

To do this I go back to the content type page and click on advanced settings

I clicked the upload new document template radio button, browse to my new template, select it, upload it, click OK and test to make sure I am now getting the expected behavior.

This blog post pointed me in the right direction to start looking at the template. In my case the fix is a bit different because my issue is a bit different, but had I not found this post I’d still be scratching my head


About tbithell
I am the Chief Technical Architect of Portals at B2B Technologies, LLC in Atlanta GA. I first started working on SharePoint in 2005, and have built SharePoint portals and developed custom solutions for a wide variety of users. I have a MS in Computer Science and am a SharePoint 2010 MCITP and MCPD. I am very excited about the new version, and will be blogging about it on a regular basis as I explore the newly released Preview and future releases.

6 Responses to SharePoint 2013 Word Document Information Panel Issue

  1. Lukas says:

    My SharePoint 2013 DIP displays in Office 2013 with a big white space underneath it. Extremely annoying for users who need to resize the box themselves. I could not find any information re: this issue. Do you know something about it. Our DIPs are standard ones, no InfoPath is used. Regards

  2. tbithell says:

    Are there other content types available in that library that have enough fields to fill that space?

    • Lukas says:

      It happens for all libraries in SharePoint with Office 2013. So yes, some libraries have multiple content types but none of them have more than 3-5 fields. So it’s not that I think… A bit of a strange one, isn’t it?

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