My Experience at SharePoint Conference 2012

I got back to Atlanta from Vegas Thursday night.  Overall, the conference was very informative, and greatly increased my knowledge of SharePoint 2013.

I spent the majority of my time in App Sessions, taking the new certification tests, and learning about Search.

If you went to the conference you can login to to see sessions you went to or missed.

As far as apps are concerned I learned a great deal.  Below are the highlights:

You need to start thinking about creating an app for SharePoint or Office as soon as you find yourself copying data from some other application into SharePoint.

A couple of examples they gave us made use of Bing maps.  In one of these apps you could select a column of locations in Excel, push pins on the Bing Maps, and pins would show up in all of those locations.  Another example pulled earthquake data from an  external service and populated an Excel Spreadsheet with the data.  Another great example was an Office app that allows the user to highlight a table in Word or Excel and convert it into a SharePoint list.

I received quite a bit more information about Apps, but I just sort of want to provide a summary in this post.

On the Search side I attended a very good session that described how to scale up search and went into quite a bit of detail on how distribute the search architecture properly.

Some highlights

You need to separate bulk operations from queries, so your crawler and query components need to be separate if possible.

Do not allow your antivirus software to scan your search data folders in real-time.  Seriously don’t do this EVER!

Dynamic RAM is not at all recommended for your search servers, so don’t use it on Search servers.  This was repeated several times throughout the, “Overview of Capacity Planning, Sizing and High Availability for Search in Sharepoint 2013 Session”

10 Million items is your threshold for needing to move from single server environment to one in which the search components are distributed between multiple servers.

I mentioned I took 2 Certification tests while I was there.  I took 71-332 Adv   Solutions of MS SharePoint Server 2013 Customer Preview, which I think I passed, and 71-331 Core Solutions of MS SharePoint Server 2013 Customer Preview which I think I might have passed, but am a little less confident in.  I say I think because they were both Beta tests and I won’t get the results for 8 weeks.

Overall SPC12 was a great experience, and I highly recommend attending a SharePoint Conference to anyone who would like to expand their knowledge about SharePoint.