Installing SharePoint 2013 RTM

First I suggest checking out the beginning of my Blog Post on installing the Preview in order to prepare your environment

Once you’ve finished this the steps you go through should be just about the same as mine.

SharePoint 2013 RTM became available the other day, so I decided I would uninstall preview
in dev and go ahead and install RTM.

First I ran the Prereqs installer:

After clicking the next button this appeared, I accepted the terms and clicked next.

After the prereqs installed I was alerted that I needed to restart, so I clicked finish and the server restarted.

After my server restarted I reran the prereqs installer again which resulted in this:

I then clicked on Install SharePoint Server

This box appeared, so I clicked yes

I was then presented with this screen:

I entered my product key and clicked continue.

I accepted the license agreement and clicked next

I then selected Complete as my server type. NOTE: There is a file location tab here, this is where you can select to install SharePoint on a disk other than the OS disk AND is where you can specify the disk that the Index will run on. You will most likely want to at least change the location of the index, so pay attention to this.

after selecting the type of server and the file locations click Install Now

After a bit of waiting the install completed and I was presented with the option to run the configuration wizard.

Update: Given that it has been some time since RTM came out I realized I needed to add the following bit of information. When performing a new install of SharePoint 2013 you are going to want to go ahead and install the latest CU which can be found here… This way you get all the latest fixes etc. Make sure to go ahead and do this prior to running the configuration wizard, so you only have to run it once.

I clicked next… This warning popped up..

I clicked OK…

I opted to Creat a new Server farm and clicked next

I entered my database server and farm account info and clicked next

I entered a passphrase and clicked next

I left the Central Admin Web Application settings at their defaults and selected next

I verified that all of my info was correct on the summary page and clicked next

SharePoint then started to configure and I patiently waited for it to complete…

Once it completed it let me know and requested that I participate in the Customer Experience Program.  I made my selection and clicked OK…  At which point I think I forgot to take another screen shot…

I was given that option to run the other configuration wizard which I declined.

I was then taken to the Central Admin Home Page at which point I noticed the new logo.

That concludes my RTM install experience.  I hope this is helpful.  I actually have to install this somewhere else later on tonight, so I will update this if I find that I missed anything…


SharePoint 2013 RTM!!!

I ran across this article yesterday, and was surprised to see this…

“Microsoft announced on Thursday that its next-generation Office  solutions and other “2013”-branded products have reached the release-to-manufacturing  (RTM) milestone.”

This portion of the article was very interesting to me as well,

Office 365 Service  Update Office 365, Microsoft’s service that delivers hosted  versions of Exchange, SharePoint and Lync, along with a premises-installed Office  Professional Plus, is also getting new capabilities. The Office 365  improvements happen a bit differently from the RTM releases because Microsoft  continually updates its Office 365 services through various “service  update” releases. The next service update with the new 2013-branded  capabilities will start becoming available to Office subscribers in November.

Developers building on Office 365 could see a bit of downtime  during the service update transition period, according to a  Microsoft blog post. Developer tools, including Napa, will get an upgrade  too at the time of the service update.”